So I finally got backstage I was number five and I got to take a photo with Dita in her Opium Den set which was CRAZY!! She said she remembered me from the Rouge Perfume signing and that I looked beautiful as always and she loved my vintage dress!! The we scooted together and took our photo together that I will be posting once I get it emailed to me! Then we were done I had to take breath to compose myself and I finally got out what I always wanted to say to her and I didnt mess up my words or cry! Lol But basically I just told her that If she hadn’t inspired me to get into burlesque that I would have never met so many amazing people and had so many great experiences or opportunities and because of that she really changed my life and opened me up to amazing world of wonder and rhinestones ;) . And she told me how much hearing that meant and thank you so much and that I was very beautiful and she knows that my career will thrive and she hoped to see me soon!! Then I got a goodie bag with these items!! A Cointreau makeup bag, some Art Deco makeup shower gel from her Femme Totale perfume and a signed program I actually got two programs I dunno if that was a mistake or not but how awesome is that!!! Oh also! I got her corset laces AGAIN!! This time they were pink I think Im going to redo my Shadowbox to include these as well! And I will post our Photo when I get it in my email!!!! <3

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Posted on February 15, 2013

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  1. violavonkitten said: you go girl ! ^_^ that’s AWESOME ! Dita seems to be a sweetheart <3
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