My beautiful Burlesque Gal Pal Rara Sis Bomba got into a TERRIBLE bike accident this week she broke her jaw in two places, bruised her eye, scratched up her chest and face and the worst part she broke out most of her front teeth! Rara has medical insurance but NOT DENTAL and we are trying to raise money to pay for her medical bills! She’s one of the most creative and hilarious performers I know and she’s always smiling well we need to help get that smile back so please even if its a dollar consider donating! LETS HELP RARA GET HER SMILE BACK!! Here is the link to here IndieGoGo Fundraiser PLEASE REBLOG THIS WE NEED AS MANY DONATIONS AS POSSIBLE!

RaRa aka Rachel Carlson, is a beautiful spirit. She’s a clown, an aerialist, a dancer, a member of the LA bike community, a costume designer and an amazing friend. 

Last week, RaRa’s bike tire hit a grate. She flew over the handlebars like a true aerialist, but unfortunately landed on her face. We’re very lucky to still have RaRa with us, but sadly, she suffered numerous injuries to her face and jaw. Though health insurance will cover some of her medical costs, RaRa does not have dental insurance and has lost most of her front teeth. That means she will have to pay for her dental work out-of-pocket.

If you’ve ever seen RaRa smile, then you know how important this campaign is. Rachel’s smile could light up the darkest room. It’s a gift she gives to all of us almost every day, whether she’s dancing on stage, twirling in mid-air, occupying city hall, creating some fantastic costumes, hosting the best parties in LA, or biking fearlessly across the city. 

We want RaRa to focus on getting better, intstead of worrying about the cost of surgery. Any amount we raise will help her pay her dental bills. Please contribute whatever you can so we can get RaRa smiling again!

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Posted on April 08, 2013

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